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A Little About The Founder

Hello, and welcome to The Admin Angel.  I'm Colleen Wall, founder & creator of The Admin Angel.

My career in office administration began in the motor vehicle industry and, dare I say it, over the decades has expanded into hospitality, travel & tourism, real estate & property development.

Whilst this site will predominantly feature professional resources for organising your business life, as I am a real person & not a robot, I also want to share with you some of the fun “things” along our journey together.

I am a wife, chief navigator (yep, that means passenger), caddy, author, researcher & not typically your “geeky” girl but I love the “geeky” stuff too.

I enjoy being organised and the other fun things that I love to put my all into is photography, cooking, golf, travel, neuroplasticity research, charities & basically anything interesting that I come across that I feel is interesting to share.

Researchers tell us that in less than 20 years time, everyone will have a virtual assistant. 

Why wait 20 years.  I'm right here!  Right now!  Ready to assist you with your organisational & administrative needs.

Take a peek at MyVA Services page for a full range of services.

Oh, and before I go, let me introduce you to MY Virtual Assistant, Trello.  I am in love with Trello so check out my post on the Blog page.

Colleen E Wall | Founder & Creator | The Admin Angel

Colleen E Wall

Virtual Assistant at The Admin Angel

I am a well-motivated, resourceful & versatile professional with vast experience and a proven track record in dealing with high level and complex operational matters within various industries including hospitality, travel, tourism, sports, real estate and property development.

Over 30 years experience in the hospitality industry has provided me with extensive experience with key pre-opening & rebranding roles in sales & marketing, customer service and administration.

I have passion & commitment for above average personal standards of presentation, integrity, conduct and professional efficiency whilst being a model of discretion and responding to difficult situations with patience, compassion and tact. Attributes that have prepared me well for my transition to a Virtual Assistant.

I have an absolute passion for ensuring that a job is done professionally & in a timely manner.

Key takeaways

  • Over 30 years experience in hospitality & tourism;

  • Extensive experience developing sales & marketing collateral & maintaining brand integrity, various industries;

  • High level of efficiency and organization in all levels of customer service & administration;

  • Excellent written & verbal communication skills acquired through customer service experience & additional study;

  • Extensive experience in assessing training & development needs along with developing & implementing operational procedures;

  • Skilled in social media communication through website design, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Instagram;

  • Certificate in Management Development & the Deming Principles of Management;

  • Recognition of outstanding contribution to Hotel of the Year, Sheraton Fiji Resort; and

  • Active public speaker and past Charter Member, Vice President Education & President, Oasis on Broadbeach Toastmasters Club.

You may ask “exactly what do you do as a VA”?

Besides being an administration professional who works from anywhere I wish, I am also available for “in office” roles in my local area on the Gold Coast.

For a full list of my services, head on over to the myVA Services page or drop me an email at support@theadminangel.com.au, with the details of your enquiry & I would be happy to discuss the terms of engagement with you. Don’t forget to include your best phone number so that I can call you if I have any questions.

On a personal note, I share a common love of golf with my golf-pro husband, enjoy capturing moments with amateur photography, love travelling & exploring new locations and am an absolute sponge for knowledge, particularly in the areas of neuroscience, neuroplasticity & being aware of how “brain frequency influences business”. So much so that my husband & I recently launched NeuroSelfCare Business powered by FocusBand, in network with our good friends & business colleagues Henry & Graham Boulton from FocusBand.

This is a new initiative however, you can register your interest below to be among the first to receive special releases as they occur.