Surviving Change (& thriving)!


With the serious situation that is COVID-19, I want to be very sensitive to what’s happening right now whilst also offering solutions to protect yourself and your employees.

For many, home is the sanctuary you go to to escape from work so what’s it going to be like now that so many more people are having to take their work home?

There will be far reaching challenges and it goes way beyond setting up the office on the kitchen table & ensuring the internet is going to cope.

For instance, if your team is suddenly required to work remotely, are they all acquainted with the protocols, tools & equipment they may require to work remotely?

Working from home is nothing new, people have been doing it for years however, it may be that your team hasn't been doing it for years or has never done it before. 

Whatever industry you are in, whatever business you run, except retail perhaps, there is a good chance that you will find the need to seperate your team, move them out of the office & have them work “from home”.

Where do you look for help & guidance in creating a safe & productive working environment for your team? 

Being a Virtual Assistant & “working from home” all over the world, I have compiled a list of helpful hints & wholesome advice that may assist you and your team in the transition.

“I help people do things they either don’t know how to do, don’t want to do or don’t have the time to do!”

Let’s get started.  Here is a snapshot (I cover the entire process in my full & comprehensive guide) of my “Triple P” Method to Navigating Change Working From Home :

Planning  |  Procedures  |  Performance


Like any project, Navigating the move to “Working From Home” will take some planning.  Good planning in the beginning can save you and your team a lot of heartache down the track.

Some topics you may wish to consider in the Planning phase :

    • Do you have a disaster or emergency plan;
    • Have you made arrangements with your team to cover extra expenses associated with working from home;


Set specific procedures for your team;

    • This is a time when your team may become disorientated & distracted, so having clear guidelines will help keep your team focused & productive;
    • Setting early ground rules goes a long way to ensuring a smooth transition into temporary isolation;
    • Communication
    • Deadlines
    • Chain of Command;
    • Meeting Etiquette via Video Link;

Turn up on time; 

Test the software beforehand to ensure everything’s working; and

Dress appropriately;


  • Some people may become anxious & stressed about being isolated & working from home may just be the tipping point to something more serious;
  • Some people may need extra or further direction particularly if they are used to receiving instructions in an office environment;
  • Communicate with each & every one of your team personally to ensure they are fully informed & supported during this time;
  • Some tips for setting up a functional home office;
  • Don't let your team be overwhelmed when working from home;
  • Team building activities can also be a fun way to break up the feeling of isolation and can take place via video link.  Some fun things to do;
“Healthy & Engaged employees create a strong workplace culture.”
Colleen E. Wall, Navigating Change : Working From Home

Struggling with Navigating the Change?

Awaken the Superhero in you!

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